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Power Video Capture 7.0

Power Video Capture allows you to capture video and image in real-time
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Power Video Capture allows you to capture video and image in real-time from any analog source device. You can capture video and image from DV, TV tuner, and other devices like USB Cam. You can edit media files already saved in your computer. It also has the function of motion detection to set alarms. Supported video formats: AVI and MPEG. The main window contains four options: 1. Capture video and image from DV. 2. Capture video and image from TV tuner. 3. Capture video and image from other devices like USB Cam. 4. Browse and edit recorded media files. To utilize the option DV and TV tuner the device has to be connected. Each capture window has the buttons to start capturing, shot frame, capture settings, motion detection, send by email, settings, device settings, full screen, disc the device, help, and go to the main page. In the window settings there are four tabs: 1. Codec. Here you can select the codec type AVI/MPEG or ASF (Advanced Streaming Format), enable compression, select video codec, audio codec, and audio format. 2. Shot frame. Here you can configure the file name to be generated, shot frame interval in seconds, number of frames to capture, picture type (BMP or JPG), bitmap format, and picture size. 3. Overlay. It helps to configure text and image overlay. 4. Video effect. Here you can adjust bright, saturation, hue, rotation, de-interlace, flip, add grey color, and invert color. In the capture settings you can adjust volume and balance, enable auto shot frame, enable audio recording, and rendering. The motion detection settings window allows you to configure the sensitivity and alarm mode, the alarm mode allows you to save the picture, send by email, play sound, run a program, record video, FTP upload, and write in a log file.

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  • You can capture image and video from any analog source device


  • Test version works only for 15 days
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